At PIE Labs, we believe in a Powerful Imagination in Everyone (PIE)! We are a children’s media company that creates brain-ertainment (entertainment for growing brains) focused on music and art for children ages 4-11.

PIE Labs Offers:

Niche Content-Music and Art
Music and art are at the core of PIE Labs products. We offer a broad, rich focus on music and art- content areas that contribute directly to success in problem-solving, abstract reasoning, and creative thinking skills. We go to great lengths to incorporate both nationally recognized curriculum standards/objectives AND real-world exploration in our products.

Ease and Nutrition
PIE Labs products offer an easy alternative and/or enhancement to school and traditional lessons. We offer content experiences that provide children building blocks– real tools for incorporating all kinds of music and art in their lives. Our experienced team of creative artists and educational experts develop products that deliver high degrees of fun and learning (brain-ertainment) in the same package.

Focus on School-Aged Kids
Most existing products that introduce music and art to children focus on babies and toddlers. We pick up where they leave off. We create and aggregate exceptional digital content for elementary school aged kids (4-11 years old).

Understanding of both Kids and Kid Champions
Our products are driven by parents and designed for kids. We’re dedicated to building products that kids and kid champions can enjoy together.

PIE Labs Future

It is our goal to become the premier niche provider of exceptional children’s
music and art brain-ertainment. We sell digital content (music, video, and
games) to influencers, service providers, and direct to consumers. PIE Labs
teams are built in the same manner as PIE Labs products -- with an unwavering
focus on excellence. To us, it makes perfect sense that smart, passionate, and
quality people create smart, passionate, and quality products and experiences.
For more information, please contact us at info@pielabs.com