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Coming Soon!

New Songs and Poems
New songs and poems will be added soon to our download offerings, so check back often. In addition, a new CD collection will be available in the Spring of 2006.

Subscription Packages
We are also hard at work to bring you a digital subscription service where you will be able to download new content each and every month for one low price. Itís the perfect tool to help you enjoy regular musical brain-ertainment (also a great gift for the kids and kid champions in your life!).

The Papango Collection
A dynamic collection of digital media, The Papango Collection will bring songs and videos about musical adventures to 4-7 year-olds. Our hero, Papango, finds music and imagination in the everyday world around him. Video experiences are specifically designed for young attention spans and mobile platforms. The Papango Collection will be available in 2006.

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